Sámara is located a four hour drive from San Jose and two hours from the Liberia airport. Variety of shuttles and taxis offer daily service from San Jose, Liberia, Arenal, Monteverde along with most other places. We can offer suggestions for the best way to arrive or depart from our hotel.


Fenix Hotel is located one mile south of Samara on the road heading towards Carrillo, or 15 minutes by foot on the beach. We are located at the center of Samara beach.

Looking through your window, you will see our pool, gardens and the ocean a short distance away. We have a covered patio outside the rooms which is perfect for eating your meals, reading or watching the rain in the green season.


On our beach are numerous hammocks and movable sunbeds. You can decide whether to read, sleep or daydream in the shade or enjoy the sun. Sámara is also known for its beautiful sunsets.

Sámara Central is a small village with numerous international restaurants, small grocery stores, lounges and gift shops. From our hotel, Sámara is a short minute walk on the beach. In our neighborhood we have a small, well-stocked store complete with “penny candy” and our daughter who makes fantastic cinnamon rolls, pastries and cakes. We have a woman who brings fresh ceviche along with vegetable trucks and a fish market.

Sámara Beach is one of the pretties and safest beaches in Costa Rica. The words "Ahh, Sámara, my favorite" are often used to describe it. The beach is embraced by coral and rock reefs on both sides of the points. This natural barrier provides a safe place to play in the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, without riptides or undercurrents. During low tides the waves are only inches tall and perfect for young children to become acquainted with the ocean. High tide is perfect time for boogie boarding, surfing and playing in the waves.

About the weather:
During the dry season the weather is absolutely perfect. Beautiful mornings and lazy afternoons. Don't let a little rain keep you away during our brief "green season". The northwest coast of Guanacaste is considered Costa Rica's dry zone, with the green season not starting until the end of May. Luckily, Playa Samara remains exceptionally dry even during these few months.